Grow Your Business with Video Marketing

BJJ Marketing

Operating a dojo/academy can be very time-consuming. Then, add on marketing your location(s), letting people know that you exist, and trying to ensure you make a great first impression when they visit your site and/or social media accounts can get overwhelming, fast! 

Marketing Martial Arts

Look, you don't have to be salesy. Those days are long gone. People want real benefits of martial arts training & if visitors aren't getting those benefits up-front, you'll lose interest from parents & potential students.

  • Growing your dojo is key to its success, is your marketing consistent?
  • People talk online, are you getting referrals?
  • People want to see what you do, are you showing them in a professional way?
  • Many people select a dojo based on its online presence, are you staying current?

Video Marketing

We not only live and breath martial arts, we also love video marketing. When we blended our passions, we knew we could help so many other owners with their dojos. Our marketing packages cover nearly everything you'll need to promote your dojo.

Our Working Process

  • We'll have a discovery meeting (via phone)
  • We'll build marketing campaigns based on your needs from the discovery meeting
  • We'll deliver marketing media for your dojo or academy
  • We'll be monitoring the results of the marketing to ensure it's delivering the results you need
Vidoe Marketing

Package Pricing

See which service fits your budget, and we'll work with you to grow your academy/dojo. If you need something different, Click here.

99 USD Per Month
  • 8 promotionals pieces
  • 1 video promo
  • 1 hour marketing consultation
199 USD Per Month
  • 12 promotionals pieces
  • 2 video promos
  • 4 hours of marketing consultations
Professional Plus
299 USD Per Month
  • 16 promotionals pieces
  • 4 video promos
  • Unlimited consultations